AOC’s Angry Wayfair Is Selling Beds for Illegal Alien Children


Democrats are inventing stories of abuse of children crossing the border illegally, shamefully insulting our hard-working and brave Border Patrol. Their latest insanity is to boycott Wayfair for selling detention beds for illegal alien children.

Well, I suppose the children could sleep on concrete floors to make them happy.

AOC is never one to miss an opportunity to start trouble and has joined in the boycott. She is encouraging it. The mini Stalinist doesn’t want the children to have beds because her hard-left ideology is more important.

Naturally, they want to damage the company with a boycott to make them do their bidding.

What we should be doing is paying for the childrens’ transportation home to stop this insanity.

Wayfair needs to fire eveyone who walks out.

Ocasio-Cortez is joined by Rep. Ayanna Pressley, another hard-left Democrat, in demanding Wayfair not sell beds for illegal alien children.

This is so nuts, even for these two dopey leftists. They are bullies without any common sense. One day, they complain the children don’t have toothbrushes and the next day, they are complaining that they will get beds. It’s all about getting their way at all costs.

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