AOC’s Dangerous Tweets to the Militant Hard Left


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted the messages below, but it’s not likely she wrote them. Her name’s on them, but she’s not intelligent enough to have put the thoughts together.

Despite claiming on a late night show that she won a second place prize in high school with a science project about nematodes or something, she’s an empty vessel.

Nonetheless, her tweets send a potent and dangerous message. They aren’t about the President really; they are about taking down our traditional way of life.

The New York representative connects with the far-left Ted Lieu in one tweet. She continually reaches out to like-minded leftists in this way and is building her network.

When she talks about infrastructure in one tweet, she is talking about overturning our social, financial, and moral structures. When she talks about dark money, which she makes use of herself, she is talking about Citizens’ United and shutting down the free speech of people in corporations. When she, or whoever wrote it, mentions racism, corruption, and income inequality, she means Republicans are causing these problems.

Her propaganda is subtly infiltrating and influencing her millions of followers.



We can guess who wrote it. Possibly AOC’s Chief of Staff and anti-capitalist Saikat Chakrabarti wrote it, or it could be her former strategist, Waleed Shahid who wrote it.

Waleed recently explained what this crew believes in: “Democracy should mean taking power and wealth from those who hoard it and making sure it belongs to everyone.”

It doesn’t matter who wrote the tweets. They represent a serious threat to the Republic. AOC has millions of mostly young followers who are buying into an ideology that has killed about 100 million people worldwide. Don’t underestimate her. She’s very dangerous and the people behind her are communists and socialists.

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