AOC’s doppelgänger Eric Swalwell gives craziest interview yet


Don’t doubt me when I say Rep. Eric Swalwell is an extreme far-far-left politician. He cleans up well and he’s well-spoken. But he spreads his extremist views with disinformation, lies, and diversions. He is quite good at it. He was so outrageous last night on Martha MacCallum’s Fox News show that she asked him at one point if he was kidding.

Don’t think of him as stupid. Think of him as a male AOC with a little more intelligence or a communist dictator who doesn’t run around smoking cigars and waving AKs around.

Like Adam Schiff, Swalwell refuses to accept the fact that the very expansive Mueller report is correct. He continues to say the Mueller report is wrong and Trump colluded. Swalwell also says the debunked dossier is accurate.

About the joke the President told during a rally that maybe Russia could find Hillary’s missing emails, Swalwell says that proves collusion.

The Representative thinks Trump is a Russian agent and ignores all that the President has done to put the screws to Russia from sanctions to arming Ukraine to restarting the defense system for Eastern Europe.

Swalwell tries to say Trump’s against NATO when all he wants to do is update it and get the money the European nations owe for NATO.

He brought up the Trump Tower meeting which was a no-never-mind. Deceptively, Swalwell says if not being criminally liable is the best day of his presidency, that’s not good. You see how he makes their vicious coup a negative against the President.

Then he tries to say Ms. MacCallum thinks Cohen’s an angel because Cohen testified he has never been to Prague or the Czech Republic. Cohen isn’t the only one who said he didn’t go to Prague. It’s not on his passport.

This is one of the most painful interviews I have listened to. The guy’s a nutjob.



  1. It was in july,2016 at a press conference when Trump said, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails.” Swalwell needs to educate himself, first off, the 30,000 emails was the amount that was deleted off her illegal server by Hillary and her lawyers,, 2nd, at the time Trump said this, Hillary had already had the server BLEACH BITTED, 3rd, at the time he said this, the FBI had possession of the server. 4th Salwell Russia didn’t need to wait for Trump to say what he did, the FBI came much later and said its very probable the server was hacked by some foreign country, not necessarily RUSSIA, Trump was making a joke to show everyone how STUPID Hillary is for have an un-protected server with on it!!! Swalwell is and IDIOT PERIOD!!!!!!!

  2. Swalwell is on a soul quest, trying to find a village in need of an idiot. Once you understand that Mr. Swalwell is unaccustomed to thing like facts, honesty or truth and only believes what his small irrational mind tells him. You are able to find pity for this wretched creature.
    Make this simple place him in cuffs, if he has anything like evidence, proof or fact about Mr. Trump and fails to disclose them, arrest him for obstruction of a federal investigation. If as everyone already know he is a lying hate filled moron, arrest him for slander.

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