AOL, HuffPo Think They Caught President Trump in an Illegal Act


AOL and Huff Pthink they caught President Donald Trump doing something illegal. The AOL headline read, Donald Trump may be in huge trouble for his latest Twitter move. It’s a very serious charge in their minds. The charge is one of illegal tweeting. Impeach him!

They report that he tweeted a comment with a spelling error, deleted it, and then retweeted it with the spello corrected.

This was the tweet. As you can see, he misspelled “honored”.

He replaced it soon after with the corrected spelling.

AOL, not noticing the sentiment, wrote:

Under the 1978 Presidential Records Act, the president must obtain the “views of the Archivist of the United States” before disposing of any records. And his tweets — whether sent from his personal Twitter account or his official @POTUS account — are considered a matter of public record.

Mic reached out to the National Archives office and the archivist of the United States and to the White House press office. They are waiting for a reply.

I have one for them. GTH!


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7 years ago

If this the case, then Obama and Hillary should be in jail now. Obama for allowing a the destruction of U S Government records and Hilary fir doing it. Now let’s talk about Trump once those two are in jail!