AP Agrees: Looks Like Hillary Sold Her Time as Secretary to Her Foundation Donors



The DoJ won’t care about this but an AP investigative report published on Tuesday found that Clinton Foundation donors met with her by more than 50% of her time while she was secretary of state. Of the 154 from private interests who met or spoke with Hillary Clinton, 85 donated to the Clinton Foundation. The total of those donations came to $156 million. At least 40 of those gave $100,000 each and 20 gave more than a million.

While not illegal, it does appear that meetings with Clinton are going to cost you.

The Republican candidates, Donald Trump and Michael Pence are calling for a special prosecutor.

About 6,000 donors already gave $2 billion to the Foundation which could lead to future conflicts.

Liberal lawyer and professor Jonathan Turley said this evening on The Kelly File that no one can look at this report objectively and think it doesn’t create serious problems. The AP had to go to court to get this information and it’s “very troubling.”

Turley also said the DoJ has not applied the laws equally to powerful individuals and he doesn’t think a special counsel would be appointed though it is warranted.

Any investigation is going to involve foreign interests and high-level people indicating that a special counsel is needed.

Background information on Wikileaks information on the Foundation:

Hillary Lied: Clinton Foundation Sold Big Donors Access to State Department



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