AP Changes Caravan Headline to Mollify Democrats


The AP tweeted Monday, We’ve removed an tweet from Oct. 21 that said a migrant caravan in Mexico was “like a ragtag army of the poor.” That wording was poorly chosen and has been removed from our coverage of the caravan.

The original AP headline for that article read, “A ragged, growing army of migrants resumes march toward US”.

The current AP headline replaces the word “army” with the word “caravan”.

Though the AP used the word “army” to refer to large groups of people besides migrants — including nurses and political activists — many on the political left criticized the wire service for its original headline. They went haywire on social media as they are wont to do.

This is not news and it’s not accurate. This isn’t truthful. It’s not a caravan. This is a mob, an army of invaders. These Stalinists are controlling speech to control the message but it’s a lie.

The military-age men are not migrants, they are an invading army. Democrats have the backs of these invaders. They see it as a winning cause for Election Day.

Such is the state of the media today and the Republic cannot survive with a corrupt media.


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