AP Hired a Hardcore Leftist to Spy on NHGOP “Closed Press” Fundraiser


Ms. Plenda

A freelance, leftist activist was hired by the Associated Press to sneak into a ‘closed press’ fundraiser in New Hampshire. She wrote a “grossly inaccurate” report according to the New Hampshire GOP and it was published anonymously by the AP.

The writer violated all of the AP’s so-called journalistic standards. The AP retracted one of the statements in the article after saying they stood by it.

She has been fired, not because she is a hardcore activist, but because she got caught.

She snuck into the closed event like a snake and then wrote an article without a byline with the sole intention of damaging the GOP. The AP fired her, not because of what she did, but because she was exposed.

NHGOP adviser Patrick Hynes told local television outlet WMUR-9 that “The Associated Press in New Hampshire appears to be engaged in leftwing activism rather than journalism.”

“The event was closed to the press and they knew that,” Hynes said. “It was not up to them to make that decision. It was a Republican State Committee event. They just lost any ounce of journalistic ethics that they had.”

“They conspired to sneak this leftwing activist into an event for which they were not credentialed and deliberately misreported on the attendance and the enthusiasm with which Kellyanne Conway was greeted,” Hynes said.

“Republicans across the country should be aware that the AP cannot be trusted to be fair and balanced,” Hynes said.

Hynes told Breitbart News, “And Melanie Plenda is a leftwing activist not a journalist.”

The AP admitted she reported the number in attendance at 150 when it was actually 500. Hynes pointed out a photo of the crowd posted on Facebook by party activist Michael Biundo. There were obviously 500 people.

There were other inaccuracies according to Hynes.

Before she went off as a so-called objective, non-partisan reporter, she posted the following on Facebook, days after Trump won the election.

Plenda announced that the AP has terminated her effective immediately during an interview with the Washington Post’s Erik Wemple.

After the Facebook post above became known, Plenda was fired.

Plenda had deleted the post  that led to her firing but Breitbart News published a screenshot earlier this week.

Plenda works for hardcore leftist sites like Daily Beast and Slate. The AP is supposed to be an unbiased news service.

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