AP Is Informing Reporters on How to Deliver Fake News


What shall we call him? How about ice cream man?

The Associated Press has issued its politically correct stylebook. The book instructs reporters on how to present their fake news, using fake language.

The 2017 ‘stylebook’ instructs journalists to ignore words like “pro-life”, “migrant”, “refugee”, “Islamist” and “terrorist”.

Rachel Alexander, the opinion contributor for The Hill, explained on “Fox & Friends” that this is “an attempt to promote language that liberals tend to favor”.

Instead of “pro-life”, you must say, “anti-abortion”. Instead of “migrant” or “refugee”, you must say “people struggling to enter Europe”.

Personally, we prefer “invaders”.

Other acceptable words are “militant”, “lone wolf”, or “attacker”.

We know that “freedom fighter” is another favorite of theirs.

Joe Stalin would be proud.

If journalists stray, they will be edited out of their honest reporting.

Bias is built into the PC language and culture at the AP

“The mainstream media claims that it’s not biased, but it’s got this bias built into its own words,” Alexander said. “And we’re seeing these words increasingly scrubbed from news articles and replaced by politically correct words instead.”

She said it’s ridiculous to sanitize the English language and censor “conservative words.”

“It’s a bias against conservatives, and it’s getting worse every year,” Alexander said.

The guide advises against using the terms “illegal immigrant” and “undocumented” years after “illegals” and “aliens” were thrown out.

Alexander noted in her piece that the stylebook includes an entry on climate change that “includes an extensive discussion with seemingly authoritative evidence of manmade global warming.”

It would hurt the snowflakes if they said something like pro-life. We have to make them feel comfortable and give them their safe space.

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