Judge Pirro Kills Hillary’s Defense In One Sentence


The AP reported that the emails weren’t stamped classified when they were in Hillary’s possession, that was done later. Judge Jeanine Pirro explained that rather simply on her show Saturday, Hillary Clinton’s emails couldn’t be classified because she took them and put them on her server.

Some emails had the Secret markings removed somewhere along the line.

The Judge reviews the laws Hillary has broken in the video.

The number of classified emails has grown to 60 [update: It’s up to 300] at about the same time the AP news service published a report whitewashing the Hillary email scandal. Every major media outlet blindly repeated the AP report except for Fox who introduced some reality.


None of the emails “jumped to experts a particularly sensitive” according to several government officials, the AP claimed without naming the “experts” or “officials”.

Oh, and that Top Secret email about drones and spy satellite data? Not a problem, the information is “widely known and discussed.”

One highly classified email was no big deal because it might have been “collected independently.”

Hillary Clinton responded with “breathtaking arrogance” as Governor Christie said, and attacked Republicans who had nothing to do with any of this. Her defense is that no defense is needed and you mustn’t believe your lying eyes.

The AP’s August 14th article was a complete whitewash. The AP is supposed to be a neutral news service and clearly it is not. They wrote this story long after officials said there could be hundreds, perhaps thousands of classified emails in her possession.

What will they say about the 60 [update: 300] classified emails that have now turned up?

The total number of her private emails identified by an ongoing State Department review as having contained classified data has ballooned to 60, officials told The Washington Times.

These are emails picked up as of the end of July and cleared for release with redacted material.

The State Department became so concerned when the information came out in May that by June they sent a safe to her lawyer’s office to store the thumb drive. It’s not known why it wasn’t simply seized.

The slow drip, drip, drip of emails will continue until January. There will be hundreds of these by the time it’s over if odds hold true. What will the AP say then?

One interesting note, there is probably a backup of Hillary’s server.

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G. A. Pope
G. A. Pope
6 years ago

The number 60 has just been reported by reliable FOX News sources as being up to 300 – – an undoubtedly with more to come!

6 years ago

Hillary is discussing . Pls. Put her in jail