AP Retracts Faux Story About Rand Paul Rounding Up Illegal Immigrants



Our media is unable to report the truth. The AP killed a story yesterday that claimed Rand Paul and his party want to round up people and send them back to Mexico when he, in fact, said the opposite. He said DON”T, they DON’T want to round up immigrants here illegally.

The AP claims it was a faulty transcript! No one thought it strange apparently.

Here’s the retraction:

Date: 02/17/2013 01:44 PM

BULLETIN KILL. Do NOT use BC-US–Paul-Immigration. A kill is mandatory.
STORY REMOVED: BC-US–Paul-Immigration

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Associated Press has withdrawn its story about Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., saying he sees some in the (sic) his party favoring a 2016 presidential candidate with an immigration policy that would “round up people … and send them back to Mexico.” That quote was in the transcript of “Fox News Sunday” that was distributed after Paul’s interview on the show. A subsequent Associated Press review of an audio recording of the show determined that the transcript had dropped the word “don’t” from that quote, and Paul actually said, “They don’t want somebody who wants to round people up, put them in camps and send them back to Mexico.” Politico

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