AP Says DOJ Records Grab Was Unconstitutional


Gary Pruitt

I’d like to welcome the AP to our world – to the world of those of us who are on the right-leaning side of things. The AP has discovered what it is like being on the wrong end of Obama’s lawless administration.

The AP President and Chief Gary Pruitt said the DOJ records grab was unconstitutional and they have not ruled out a lawsuit.  [I hope they’re bulletproof on their audits]

Pruitt was speaking on Face the Nation Sunday.

“It’s too early to know if we’ll take legal action but I can tell you we are positively displeased and we do feel that our constitutional rights have been violated,” Pruitt said.

“They’ve been secretive, they’ve been overbroad and abusive – so much so that taken together, they are unconstitutional because they violate our First Amendment rights,” he added.

Pruitt said that the DOJ is out of control. He added that the records grab has had a chilling effect on their sources and on journalism.

Pruitt said that the government has no business monitoring their newsgathering activities.

“And if they restrict that apparatus … the people of the United States will only know what the government wants them to know and that’s not what the framers of the Constitution had in mind when they wrote the First Amendment,” Pruitt said.

Senator Cornyn said the DOJ should concentrate on those who leak security matters and not on journalists who report it.

White House senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer said that the president has complete faith in Eric Holder. I don’t doubt that. Holder is doing Obama’s work.

Full story at the AP

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