AP Says This Is the Sound Obama’s Cuban Allies Set Off


The U.S. has confirmed 21 cases of American intelligence operatives who incurred serious damage during their stay in Cuba. U.S. spies under diplomatic cover in the U.S. embassy  have suffered brain damage, unrelenting hearing loss and other severe outcomes.

The spies were the first to alert others to the strange sound. There were 50 attacks, affecting other personnel, but not all.

The Associated Press released the first publicly disseminated recording Thursday. The first of many audio recordings taken in Cuba has led U.S. intelligence operatives to believe the Cuban government is using an unknown sonic device to attack Americans and other foreigners on the island.

Americans affected in Havana reported the sounds hit them at extreme volumes.

It isn’t known if there is a connection between the sound and the damage people in the U.S. embassy in Cuba have experienced to their hearing. This sound itself is not believed to be dangerous but the fear is they used a new sonic weapon.

The U.S. Navy is currently investigating the strange recording.

Victims often described a sound similar to chirping crickets before experiencing any symptoms, but some attacks were barely audible.

Reports of ongoing, mysterious attacks befalling U.S.-government personnel and other foreign citizens in Cuba are complete “nonsense” and “without evidence,” Cuban Vice President Miguel Díaz-Canel said Sunday.

“Some unnamed officials are propagating unusual nonsense without any evidence, with the perverse aim of discrediting the impeccable reputation of our country as a safe destination for foreign visitors, including from the United States,” Diaz-Canel, the likely successor to Cuban President Raúl Castro, said Sunday.

The U.S. Department of State has responded to the reported attacks, ordering all nonessential personnel in Cuba to evacuate the island. The State Department also issued a travel warning for all Americans not to visit the island nation until the attacks are resolved.

The opening up of Cuba with little in return has been a deal of no returns for the United States. It never held any promise because Castro didn’t want the deal and gave nothing in return.

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