AP Sues State Department for Hillary’s Records After She Tells Us All to Go to Hell


Hillary Clinton told the public Tuesday that she will not turn over any more documents. The Associated Press filed a suit Wednesday against the State Department to force the release of her emails and government documents while she was Secretary of State, one day after she told us all to go to hell.

Judicial Watch has also filed FOIA requests to the State Department to probe Hillary’s secret emails.

The NY Post mocked her speech yesterday with their headline – Deleter of the Free World.

Deleter of the free world

Poltico had the following headline for an article by John Harris:

go to hell

“Beneath the politesse, however, was an unmistakable message in her 21-minute news conference in New York on Tuesday, easily distilled into three short words: Go to hell,” Harris wrote.

Harris asked the readers, “How essentially combative was Clinton? The main piece of news to emerge from the session was her confusingly worded disclosure that she has already deleted the emails that she believes are no one’s business but her own.”

The AP refuses to go to hell and they have been relentless in attempting to get information from her for years.

The AP has filed repeated FOIA requests for documents related to correspondence, calendars, her presidential campaign, and the Osama bin Laden raid. One request dated back five years, others two years.

Today’s lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. The State Department is releasing them to Congress at a record-breaking snail’s pace.

“After careful deliberation and exhausting our other options, The Associated Press is taking the necessary legal steps to gain access to these important documents, which will shed light on actions by the State Department and former Secretary Clinton, a presumptive 2016 presidential candidate, during some of the most significant issues of our time,” said Karen Kaiser, AP’s general counsel.

Said AP Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll, “The Freedom of Information Act exists to give citizens a clear view of what government officials are doing on their behalf. When that view is denied, the next resort is the courts.”

The State Department has not yet responded but in the past, they’ve claimed to be overloaded with work.

The AP isn’t finished. They’re filing more FOIA requests.

Among other misstatements yesterday, Clinton said she corresponded with her husband who has said he only sent two emails in his life. She also said she didn’t want the inconvenience of two accounts on one phone though she happens to have two phones by her own admission.

Trey Gowdy said he does not have subpoena power right now to go after the server she refuses to give up. He has said that the documents he has received are missing weeks and months of correspondence.

She decided which emails and documents to give to the State Department and then she printed them out. She printed out 60,000 emails and trying to sift them will be a monumental task which it would not be if it were being taken from a computer and a key word search were possible.

The frightening thing in all this is Hillary is beatable but Democrats are looking to ditch her for another candidate such as socialist Elizabeth Warren who will be at least as incompetent as Barack Obama were she to become president not that Hillary wouldn’t be. She can’t even handle two accounts.


Source: ABC News

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