AP Trashes Trump for “Misleading” by Telling the Truth


President Trump tweeted a chart this week displaying the Medicaid increases to take place under the the Republican healthcare bill. The AP called it “misleading”.

The AP fact-checkers who reviewed the chart say that while it’s accurate, the truth is “misleading”. They then proceeded to mislead their readers while encouraging everyone to use their fact-check service.

They describe the chart as a “swoopy” “misleading” “line” that’s true:

President Donald Trump has been spread [sic] around a chart purportedly showing Medicaid spending rising under the Republican health legislation. According to the raw numbers, that’s true.

“The mountain climbing line”, as they call it, doesn’t show the “deep cuts in the program” under the Republican healthcare, the authors write.

The reason they are calling this “misleading” is because there is a slow down of projected increases Barack Obama had put in place. It won’t increase as fast:

But an AP Fact Check finds that the bill would inflict deep cuts in the program by slowing Medicaid’s projected growth.

In what earthly world is slowing the rate of growth a “cut”?

In conclusion, the AP fact-checkers are irrational.



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Col Ret John Haire
Col Ret John Haire
6 years ago

DO NOT, DO NOT believe the press. They can manipulate the fact – easy. THey have been doing it for so long they don’t really know COLD reality. We learned and the DoD Information Officer school for public affairs officers how the media SPINS fact. BLUF Read it, watch it, listen to it. BUT YOU MAKE THE DECISION AND DONT ASSUME THINGS ARE ACTUALLY PRESENTED AS THEY OCCUR OR ARE. NEVER. Media do things for money, not morals or any other thing. And they can be USED. I did it for years Journalism is only an English major. That’s it.