AP Wonders If We Should Shoot Down NKorean Missiles Aiming for Guam, US Waters


The AP asks in an article out during the night if the US should shoot down Kim Jong-un’s missiles. They see shooting them down as very debatable.

It the missiles look like they aren’t going to hit Guam as North Korea claims, the AP doesn’t know if we should shoot them down. It’s called nuclear annihilation roulette.

There are 7,000 US troops and 160,000 civilians on the island. The AP says the North Koreans find that base threatening.

The base is there to protect the US from invaders AP!

They report:

Guam is a launching point for U.S. strategic bombers that the North, virtually flattened by U.S. bombs during the 1950-53 Korean War, sees as particularly threatening. U.S. bombers have flown over the Korean Peninsula several times to show American strength after Pyongyang’s missile tests.

It’s not a threat, it’s a warning AP!

The author listed the cons of shooting down the missiles in the dumbest question ever asked by a liberal/leftist.

A failure to shoot them down would be harmful. On the other hand, if the US were successful, it would “raise tensions” and “put an uncomfortable squeeze on American allies on the front lines”.

They would be “uncomfortable” if we succeeded but not with the fact that North Korea could annihilate them in a single day should they so desire?

An attempt to intercept a missile might be misinterpreted by Pyongyang — or Beijing or Moscow — and escalate into a real shooting war, Eric Talmadge of the AP’s Pyongyang division wrote.

Shooting down missiles would cut off intelligence, he added.

The AP thinks we cannot act unless our allies agree.

So, we should let four nuclear missiles fly over Japan and near or at Guam and hope they land in the sea, ignoring the fact that they will land in US territorial waters. Got it.

Every time they have a successful test, they learn a great deal and come closer to being able to cause serious harm to the US and allies.

Experts say this last missile shot off by the hermit kingdom could wipe out an entire US city. Watch:

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