Appalling New Revelations About Benghazi


Two contracting firms were called in to take over the failed security in Benghazi. Unfortunately, it was little more than a week before the 9/11 Benghazi attack – it was too late. These same contractors were threatened into silence by the Clinton State Department.

The same people are still working in the State Department. Will any of our feckless politicians care and do anything about this?

On Wednesday, a clueless Hillary Clinton told the ‘Today’ hosts that Benghazi was nothing but a “political football”.

Brad Owens and Jerry Torres, of Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions, say they faced pressure to stay silent and get on the same page with the State Department with regard to the security lapses that led to the deaths of four Americans.

The same people who threatened them into silence are still in the State Department. The people who made those horrendous decisions about the mission were promoted and Benghazi could easily happen again, they say.

This company is still being punished when they bid on contracts, but hope the new administration will give them an opportunity to right the wrong.

The inexperienced Blue Mountain firm was in charge of Benghazi and they had no business holding the security contract.



  1. I would assume, considering the nature of the issue, that no public FOIA request would be allowed under national security concerns. Therefore, the only recourse is Congressional inquiry, but does ANYONE believe this will occur. Our only alternative is the “hope” people in Administrative Government and Congress would be whistle blowers but the repercussions probably would make it unlikely.

  2. I think I can come up with a solution that fits precisely with current policies of the Federal Government. The Government has allowed, and even encouraged, certain Visa programs that require employees to train their foreign replacements. Following this practice we can have large sections of different agencies be replaced with new employees and the current ones training their replacements. It’s a win-win, they will be replaced with lower paid employees and saving the Government money, just as businesses are allowed to do.

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