Apple Has to Bail Out Government for Their Failures


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The reason the FBI can’t get the data from the San Bernardino killer’s phone is because they told the country workers who owned the phone to reset it. It’s not the FBI’s fault, it’s the fault of the leaders we elected. This same government agency which failed significantly wants to have a backdoor to everyones’ phone. This is the government that had a secretary of state blogging top national security information all over kingdom come.

It wasn’t the San Bernardino county workers who decided on their own to reset the phone owned by the county and used by the killer, it was the FBI who are understaffed for the jobs they are doing.

It appears that they mistook the personal password and the Apple ID.

The FBI issued a statement on Sunday.

“FBI investigators worked cooperatively with the county of San Bernardino in order to exploit crucial data contained in the iCloud account associated with a county-issued iPhone that was assigned to the terror suspect, Syed Rizwan Farook.”

In the hours after the shooting, San Bernardino county staff tried to access Farook’s iCloud account and reset his password. This, unintentionally, triggered an Apple security measure that made it impossible to back up the phone.

It was a mistake to try it because all the killer would have had to do was to turn off the auto-update function and no one knew if he had done that or not.  Maybe they should have contacted Apple before they tried this.

The FBI is now ordering a private company to develop software to give the FBI a backdoor to the phone’s data, software that will unlock all of our phones.

Since the Obamacare mandate, the government can order us to do anything. They can order us to buy things, insure things and make things for them.

It’s a dangerous precedent and it is a precedent. The FBI chose this case to set precedent knowing the public would immediately be outraged that Apple would betray the country and not provide the services.

What people don’t know from looking at the news’ soundbites is that the FBI wants to breach peer-to-peer communications. Next they will be in our bedrooms listening in. They could have given the phone to Apple two months ago and they would have had the information by now.

The DoJ claims Apple doesn’t care about security, just publicity, but that’s obviously their problem.

The government is using this case for PR purposes. It’s the government exploiting the phones and the Internet of Things to invade privacy while companies like Apple are coming up with more and more ways to keep our data from being hacked.

After seven years of this administration circumventing Congress, violating and abusing the First, Second Amendments, states’  rights, corrupting our privacy rights, allowing open borders, and on and on, people should realize the government is full of it. They are not pure as the driven snow.

For the government, this is about the FBI spying and it’s not about Apple. Our government won’t protect us but Tim Cook will.

Apple has never broken into a locked phone for the FBI or anyone else, which is another government lie. They’ve helped them but they haven’t done that.

The government is trying to force a company to make itself weaker. If they can do that, where does it stop? Didn’t we learn anything from the mandate?

The former NSA Chief Michael Hayden agrees with Apple. He said, “— and you should not go beyond a certain point. And my judgment, in this particular case is that universal backdoors, although it may facilitate American law enforcement for very good purposes, on balance, on balance, actually are an overall negative for American security, not just American privacy.”


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