Apple’s Tim Cook Calls for Censorship of “Fake News”


The Telegraph reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook is calling for a radical crack down on ‘Fake News’ by tech companies because “It’s killing people’s minds,” he said.

The Telegraph quoted Mr. Cook:

“It has to be ingrained in the schools, it has to be ingrained in the public,” said Mr Cook.

“There has to be a massive campaign. We have to think through every demographic. “We need the modern version of a public-service announcement campaign. It can be done quickly if there is a will.”

He’s talking about indoctrination but doesn’t seem to know it.

The Telegraph reported that fake news is generated by unscrupulous companies trying to attract readers.

“We are going through this period of time right here where unfortunately some of the people that are winning are the people that spend their time trying to get the most clicks, not tell the most truth,” he said. “It’s killing people’s minds in a way.”

Since Cook is on the left politically, we all know who he believes to be fake news.

The obviously fake news being spread by a 100% anti-Trump mainstream media is ignored, despite proof provided by Wikileaks. CNN is getting their clicks by proudly wearing the anti-Trump fake news mantra.

Tim Cook is anti-Trump, and his company is in fact suing President Trump over the Travel Ban. Safety means nothing to these people.

Fake News sites do exist but data shows Fake News Sites have a minute audience. Americans don’t need the government or tech companies to monitor what they see and hear. We are all perfectly capable of making determinations on our own.

The elite think we are all stupid and need them to censor our news. They are the Borg, resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.


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Frank S.
Frank S.
7 years ago

The openly gay Mr. Cook was going after a mom & pop pizza shop in Middle America because they cited their religious beliefs for not wishing to cater a hypothetical gay wedding, while his Apple Products were flowing into and selling like hotcakes in Iran….a country that tortures, imprisons, and even executes gays.
Wonder how he’d handle that bit of info?

7 years ago

please tell us Mr Kook, who will determine fake from real news? Is MSNBC and CNN real honest reporting or fake Mr Kook? Please chime in Mr Kook!!!!