Apple’s Tim Cook Has 5x as Many Stores in Tehran as in Indiana


Tim Cook

Writing a Washington Post op-ed, Apple’s Tim Cook (pictured above), the first openly gay CEO of a Fortune 500 company, has slammed Indiana’s religious freedom law as “dangerous”.  Apparently lost on him was the irony that his company has 5 times as many Apple stores in Tehran as in our mid-western state.

Iran's Apple StoresApple Stores in Iran

There are 10 retail locations centered in the capital city of a country that hangs homosexuals, vs. 2 stores throughout “dangerous” Indiana!

In case Mr. Cook may have missed what’s going on over there, here are several horrific stories chronicling the ghastly plight of homosexuals living and dying under Sharia law in Iran:

On May 14, 2012 Huffpost Gay Voices reported 4 Iranian gay men were scheduled to be executed for sodomy based on their nation’s Sharia laws. An influential cleric and “scholar” referred to homosexuals as inferior to dogs and pigs.

Iranian Gay Men To Be Hanged For Sodomy: Report

On March 3, 2014 Jihad Watch posted a Washington Free Beacon story that “Iran executed 2 gay men for the crime of perversion….” Executions have topped over 500 in the last year. Capitol punishment was handed down for crimes such as “waging war against God” and misdemeanor drug charges.

New moderate Iran executes two gay men and hands down death sentence for “insulting the prophet”

In August of 2014 Frontpage Mag revealed that 2 Iranian men were executed for “consensual sodomy”, and “Under the Islamist and Sharia law of Iran and Iran’s Penal Code, the punishments for homosexuals range from lashings to executions. For example, article 109 of Iran’s Islamic Penal Code states, “In case of sodomy both the active and the passive persons will be condemned to its punishment.”

An Execution Wave Against LGBT Iranians

On December 23, 2014, Rennick Remley, a self-proclaimed gay American, published an ad in the New York Times. He said in part, “Hamas, ISIS, and Iran kill gays like me. If I lived in Iran, or under Hamas’ ideological cousin ISIS, chances are you’d be seeing my picture. Not in this ad, but hanging from a crane in a public square. That’s a regular practice against gay men by the Iranian regime. The only way for gays to avoid persecution is to undergo a forced sex change operation.”


Maybe Tim Cook should have a better perspective before choosing his words. While the Indiana law may be figuratively “dangerous” for homosexuals, the statutes in Iran are literally deadly…..even for those gays working and shopping in the 10 Apple stores comfortably nestled in downtown Tehran.


The featured image is from Front Page Mag

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Hello World
Hello World
6 years ago

Lol Iran has nothing to do with an archaic law passed in a so called modern country. Some of you aren’t that bright nor is this article…

7 years ago

Oh please! These apple stores in Tehran are not approved or owned by Apple! I’m an Iranian citizen and I can open an “Apple Store” here in a week with $30k (tops)

How stupid some of you are!!