April Ryan Asks A Confusing Idiotic Question of the Press Secretary


April D. Ryan is a CNN “analyst” and a correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, and she usually competes with Jim Acosta for the most inappropriate and taunting questions at White House pressers.

At the White House presser Wednesday, she asked if the White House had reached out to the Waffle House hero who fought with and disarmed the killer of four people.

The White House is working on it from what Mrs. Sanders said.

Ryan then dove into a crazy, unrelated question with no purpose other than to stir the pot.

“Chaos, hush money, Russia trolls, Facebook, Wikileaks, D.N.C. Hacks, Comey email investigation on the eve of the election, allegations of collusion,” she said, lacking any semblance of basic sentence structure. “Do these issues give support to those who offer questions about the president’s legitimacy?”

Mrs. Sanders was not sure what she was talking about and said, “I’m not sure I follow the question.”

Sanders answered perfectly, noting that millions of Americans voted for the President and still support him. That makes him legitimate.

CNN’s Best Show Comes In At Number 24

TV Newser reported the April 2018 ratings and CNN is left in the dust of Fox News and MSNBC.

The far-left CNN isn’t doing well with their fake and anti-Trump news.

Hannity was number one on cable which makes him an even bigger target than he was before. Fox is indisputably number one.

Anderson Cooper 360 was CNN’s most-watched show and he finished number 24 overall. Next was Erin Burnett Outfront at number 27, and then CNN Tonight With Don Lemon number 28, and The Lead With Jake Tapper number 32.

TV Newser put a positive slant to the really bad news for CNN. They said CNN stacks up “far more favorably in the age 25-54 ratings”. Anderson Cooper 360 was number 12, followed by CNN Tonight a number 13, and Erin Burnett Outfront at number 16, and The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer at number 19.

In other words, they stink and people know it.

Cable News Ranker: April 2018 (Total Viewers) by TVNewser on Scribd



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