AP’s BREAKING BOMBSHELL Story Was Breaking News Last Year – Same Story


Yesterday, I posted information about the AP’s EXCLUSIVE bombshell story about Paul Manafort’s alleged deep ties to Russian businessman and close Putin ally Oleg Deripaska. It sounded vaguely familiar and sure enough it was. I posted it last August. Never mind that the AP posted it as if it were a new link to the Russians.

The rest of the lame stream media played right along and reported it as a news story. The facts of the story were also inaccurately portrayed.

All the story proves is that Paul Manafort, the short-lived campaign manager for Donald Trump, might have served as an image consultant for Deripaska and he might not have. It’s the same thing John Podesta’s brother did. John Podesta of course is Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager.

The story was reported in the NY Times last August as well. The secret ledger that might be a fraud was also mentioned.

The Times did a better job and printed some “proof” which the AP did not. Lindsey Graham, a GOP disgrace, John McCain, another disgrace, and the Democrats jumped on the story as if it were new information.

“Proof”? A page from the ledger.

In fact CNN did the same thing with a different story. They reprinted the FBI is investigating Trump campaign peoples’ ties to Russia story because they claimed they found more anonymous US officials.

This is what we call FAKE NEWS but Snopes won’t pick this up.

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