Arab Nations Break Off Relations With Obama’s Terror-Sponsoring Qatar


Qatari Women

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates have broken off relations with Qatar for supporting terrorism and destabilizing the region.

Obama allied the U.S. with the terror-sponsoring nations of Qatar and Iran, knowing they were supplying ISIS and Iranian rebels.

Qatar shares its only land border with Saudi Arabia.

Qatar is a terror nation, has always been supporters of Hamas and Hezbollah, supplying them with arms on a regular basis.

Qatar also backed Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood dictator who almost turned Egypt into a worst terror nation than it already is.

The UAE, Egypt and have declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. They too were allies of Barack Obama’s.

The Arab nations all announced they would withdraw their diplomatic staff from Qatar, a gas-rich nation that will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Saudi Arabia said Qatari troops would be pulled from its ongoing war in Yemen.

All the nations also said they planned to cut air and sea traffic to the peninsular country.

The mainstream media wants Americans to believe it’s only because Qatar is friendly with Iran. Last week, Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani angered the Saudis when he phoned Iranian President Hassan Rouhani with congratulations on his re-election, USA Today reported.

In late May, however, Qatar said that hackers took over the site of its state-run news agency and published what it called fake comments from its ruling emir about Iran and Israel.

Its Gulf Arab neighbors don’t believe it was hackers and responded with anger, blocking Qatari-based media, including the Doha-based satellite news network Al-Jazeera.

Al Jazeera is a propagandist outlet for radical Islam.

Bahrain blamed Qatar’s “media incitement, support for armed terrorist activities and funding linked to Iranian groups to carry out sabotage and spreading chaos in Bahrain” for its decision.

Qatar will not disavow the Muslim Brotherhood and have supplied arms to ISIS.

Qatar never stopped supplying arms and funding to Iranian terrorists. Once in a while, they pretend to support the West which led to Obama providing them with arms, funds and other support they used to terrorize Israel.

Hillary also arranged to supply arms to terror-sponsoring nations like Qatar who turned around and supplied arms to al Qaeda, ISIS and other jihadists. Qatar were big donors to the Clinton Foundation.

Obama gave them $11 billion in Apache helicopters and defense systems at one point but it wasn’t the only time.

The reported that, as part of this particular deal, the Qataris were also made privy to “the main sub-components of the ECS [Engagement Control System]…The ECS is air conditioned, pressurized (to resist chemical/biological attack), and shielded against electromagnetic pulse (EMP).”

Saudi Arabia was reportedly selling arms to ISIS as well though that seems to have stopped thanks to Trump. Hillary knew the arms were going from Qatar to ISIS.

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