Just In…Architect of the Capitol Orders Police as Pigs Painting Taken Down


The architect of the Capitol has ordered the police as pigs painting taken down before the Inauguration.

Earlier today, a Blue Lives Matter flag was hung over the painting.

Police as Pigs Painting Ordered Removed

The Architect of the Capitol Stephen Ayers on Friday evening announced plans to remove a painting portraying police officers as pigs. The artwork, currently on display in a tunnel between the U.S. Capitol and Cannon House Office Building will be taken down on Tuesday, before President-elect Trump’s inauguration three days later, The Washington Examiner reported.

Congressmen are supposed to be on the side of law enforcement but these congressmen hate them and want to degrade them.

Rep. Dave Reichert, R-Wash., a former sheriff, asked Ayers to remove the image.

“This painting hung in clear defiance to those rules and was a slap in the face to the countless men and women who put their lives on the line everyday on behalf of our safety and freedom,” Reichert wrote in a letter to Ayers. “Artwork must adhere to the policy of the House Office Building Commission. In accordance with this policy, exhibits depicting subjects of contemporary political controversy or a sensationalistic or gruesome nature are not allowed. It is necessary that all artwork be reviewed by the panel chaired by the Architect of the Capitol and any portion not in consonance with the Commission’s policy will be omitted from the exhibit.”

The Architect agreed it was in violation of the commission’s rules. He was notified about this painting in the summer but chose to leave it up at that time.

This past week, the painting was taken down and rehung no less than six times. The first congressman with the guts to take it down was Rep. Duncan Hunter and Rep. Lacy Clay who had it hung, called him a thief, tried to have him arrested.

Hunter had taken it down and brought it to Clay’s office. Word has it that the Capitol police chuckled over the request.

Reporters began to stake out the painting, awaiting the next removal and rehanging.

Big stakeout in the nation's capitol building.
Big stakeout in the nation’s capitol building.

This is what Democrats stand for – sad, very.

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