Are Kremlin Blackmailers Dumping Emails to Test Hillary?


Within the context of the latest Clinton email embarrassment, are we being led to believe that Russia would rather face down Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton? Americans could be forgiven if, for a couple of very obvious reasons, they find that premise very hard to accept.

  • Why on earth would Vladimir Putin not wish to continue dealing with a former Secretary of State who dramatically weakened our standing overseas? She caved on the Russian Reset, completely misjudged Turkey’s true intentions to become an Islamic state, turned Libya into a terrorist rat’s nest, pushed the disastrous Iranian Nuclear “deal”, watched Syria explode, and was there for the birth of ISIS.
  • Trump may be accused of a lot of things, but few have ever implied he’s a soft touch when it comes to tough negotiations.

With a basically implausible narrative of Hill being tougher than “The Donald” being spun, cynics could be forgiven for looking at this DNC and Clinton Campaign email business in a very different way. For instance, what if the thinking behind all these exposed emails goes well beyond inflicting relatively short term damage to Hillary? What if Putin’s delivering a long term message saying we’ve got the goods on you, and then awaiting her reaction? Isn’t that always the first step in a blackmailer’s plot?

Keep in mind, Vladimir Putin, was and will always be a KGB Lieutenant Colonel, and

having spent 16 years in foreign intelligence, we can be certain he’s got a full dossier on every major U.S. political figure. The Russians have probably had one on Clinton for decades, and fully understand her obsession with, and apparent willingness to stop at nothing to become president.

That would make her, and actually has already made her, incredibly vulnerable to all kinds of serious mistakes, including those threatening our national security. While our politicized FBI and DOJ gave her a pass there’s no way the Kremlin is going to be that generous.

It’s not like this is a made for TV movie, and there are threatening phone messages left for the mark. Sooner or later, especially given Clinton and her staff’s spectacular clumsiness, there would be a risk of Putin’s plot being exposed. So, the simplest way for Vlad to send word would be in broad daylight, courtesy of every available news network.

As a bonus, chess aficionado Vlad, knows our completely predictable media’s first move would be to blame Trump for Hillary’s problems. Now adding fuel to our already burning electoral fire, Russia’s state TV said “Clinton sees Russia as an enemy and cannot be trusted.” Note to checker playing U.S. rubes- Hillary Clinton really scares us Russians! No kidding. Honest.

Like most extortion schemes, the blackmailer begins by proving he has power over his prey, followed by the ominous warning, “Don’t call the police or F.B.I.” From there, with each passing day of keeping quiet, the dupe moves more deeply into having to meet her extortionist’s demands.

When you consider current facts and the players involved, this scenario is frighteningly plausible. Given Hillary’s “extreme carelessness” in handling classified information, and the recent email dumps, the odds are extremely high Russians have hacked her server, and are sitting quietly, preparing to leverage a treasure trove of devastating information…. if she’s elected.

Combining KBG trained Putin’s affinity for Chess and proven ability to mislead, and Mrs. Clinton’s pathological inability to come clean about anything, would mean voting for her is taking one hell of a gamble on an awfully bad bet.



  1. Everyday there seems to be more proof that the democratic party, and it’s leadership, are undermining the security of our Country.
    Clinton’s deals for contributions to their foundation, includes uranium minds in the US and all these countries that have been sending contributions to the foundation who are supported by Russia are proof that the smoke and mirrors are all around the democrats.
    The Democratic Party, Political Correctness, and Rhinos, are the BIGGEST threat to our National Security!!!

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