Are Muslims Exempt from Obamacare’s Individual Mandate?



The rumor that Muslims are exempt from the individual mandate in Obamacare will not die, but there is a loophole that could give some merit to peoples’ concerns that Muslims are being treated differently because of Sharia law.

The only people exempt from the Obamacare mandate, which requires the purchase of health insurance, are prisoners, illegal aliens, the extremely poor, those with certified hardships, federally recognized Indian tribes, foreign nationals, and members of a ‘recognized religious sect.’

To be a ‘recognized’ religious sect, the sect has to be one that does NOT participate in Social Security such as the Amish, Mennonites, and Scientologists.

A strict reading of the Koran forbids acceptance of private insurances, but the great majority of US Muslims pay and/or receive Social Security benefits and don’t qualify for the religious exemption.

However, there is a loophole – members of a recognized health care sharing ministry are exempt.

There is a provision in Obamacare that exempts members of recognized ‘health care sharing ministries.’ Health care sharing ministries are not insurance companies. There is generally no guarantee of paid medical expenses. It is a cost sharing arrangement among those who have medical expenses and those who wish to share the burden of the expense.

Some Christians who participate in some of these ministries are exempt from Obamacare because they place no burden on the system.

Health care sharing ministries are acceptable under Muslim law and exemplify the principle of Takaful which permits people to cooperate and protect one another against loss or damage. Risk Specialists Companies is offering Takaful homeowners and health insurance in all 50 states. They are not exactly ministries yet but could morph into that.

Muslims who accept Social Security and join one of these ministries could apply for exemptions but we don’t know what the end result would be.

Those who want the religious exemption will be required to go to a “Health Insurance Marketplace,” which will be set up by HHS or a state government, and apply for the exemption. Those who are under 18 will have to reapply for the exemption after they turn 18.

Internet rumors abound that there is an exemption written into Obamacare specifically mentioning Dhimmitude.

Dhimmitude is the Muslim system of controlling non-Muslims who were conquered through jihad. They tax non-Muslims to death and it is a great way to win converts. It’s not dissimilar to the actions of our government that is intent on making us all secularists by bullying us into it.

Dhimmitude is not mentioned anywhere in the Obamacare bill aka The Affordable Care Act. It’s simply not true. For now, Muslims will suffer just like the rest of us.

Check out my sources at The Washington Times,  IRS fact sheet, and Christian Post


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