Are Shifty Schiff & Hide-in-the-drapes Comey Cut From the Same Crazy-Cloth?



After watching several weeks of Adam Schiff’s screwy antics it reminded us, that for several years now, we’ve witnessed two men leading the “Resistance” against President Trump, display some truly bizarre behaviors. 

It began with a fellow who may be considered the godfather of the Deep State Coup, James Comey.  Do you remember the FBI director’s highly publicized, January 22, Oval Office handshake with President Trump? 

Apparently, as recounted by a good friend, Benjamin Wittes, James tried hiding his 6’8” frame from Donald Trump, by matching a blue suit with similarly colored, White House drapes.  “He really wanted to kinda blend in and not be singled out.”  

So the head of what has been considered the world’s number one crime-fighting organization thought he’d escape the gaze of his boss, who had an unobstructed view from just a few strides away, by picking a jacket and slacks that could serve as “camouflage” in the Oval Office.  That’s simply, undeniably, absurd.


Congressman Adam Schiff’s apparent descent into the bizarro world seems marked less by a singular spectacular event.   His nonsensical drift is more time-released and nuanced than Comey’s.   

It began shortly after The Donald was inaugurated.  That’s when Shifty started breathlessly talking up the Russian Collusion hoax.  Barely a day or week went by without Schiff making appearances on friendly television venues proclaiming, in effect, that Trump was an agent of Russia.  

As time went on, and hard evidence of a traitorous Commander in Chief failed to materialize, the unchastened Democrat simply became more strident, continually promising without ever delivering, proof of his increasingly unhinged claims.

Fast forward to the “Impeachment Inquiry”.  Schiff began by saying neither he or his office had contact with the “whistleblower”, before the guy went to the Inspector General.  That was proven to be so preposterous it even got him 4 Pinocchios from the Trump-hating Washington Post.  Schiff then unequivocally claimed he’d have the mystery man come in to testify, which proved to be as fanciful as his evidence outing Trump.  

Yet undaunted, he continues to make laughable statements of fancy as if they were fact.  At the end of the first public hearing, Schiff damn near matched a moment of Comey madness. After having threatened any Republicans who mentioned the Whistleblower’s name, Adam later, without irony, inexplicably claimed he did not know who the “whistleblower” was.  Now that’s, kinda nuts.

It makes one wonder if Shifty Schiff and James Hide-in-the-drapes Comey are cut from the same, D.C., deep state manufactured, crazy-cloth.  

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