Ari Fleischer Has A Great Idea to Solve the Border Crisis


Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer had a great idea on handling the border crisis but will it fly? He suggests giving the decision to the Border Patrol and taking the President out of it. He believes the problem for Democrats with building the wall is it will help the President win re-election in 2020. Taking him out of it, allows everyone to save face.

There was a time when Schumer and other Democrats said they wanted a wall.

For this to work, one has to believe that Democrats meant it when they said they wanted the wall teen years ago.

Another problem is Democrats know the President will still take credit for whatever the Border Patrol decides.

Good idea, but it’s possible the Democrats don’t want a wall no matter who promotes it.

What do you think? Could it work?


  1. Fleischer’s idea is awful. He is a Bush person. The president is the executive. Imagine who may step in and interfere with the BP position if Trump allowed that. Then perhaps the DOJ would not fight the inevitable lawsuits to block the wall. We saw what happened when Sessions was given free reign, he turned the DOJ over to the conspirators. If Congress won’t act, then Trump must. Fleischer’s idea is merely another way to remove Trump from his proper role.

  2. YES, listen to the people that are on the Border, not the clowns in D,C, who have no clue or even care about us americans, this is all about not letting Trump win on his promise to secure the border!!!!

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