Ariana Grande Bomber Was Rescued by Royal Navy, Evacuated to UK


Salman Abedi, the Ariana Grande bomber, who killed 22 people at a concert last year, came from Libya, his ancestral home.

According to the Daily Mail, citing defense sources, Abedi, age 19 at the time, and his brother were evacuated from Libya in 2014 by the Royal Navy after the country descended into chaos.

They were British citizens and eligible for evacuation.

Abedi’s brother, Hashem is currently in jail in Tripoli facing trial over the attack.

Salman rewarded the UK by slaughtering people in the Manchester terror attack. The bombing was the worst terror attack in the UK in more than a decade.

Brother Hashem bought the materials for the bombing.

The Daily Mail said Abedi, who grew up mostly in Britain, had left home to visit family during a gap year between high school and university.

Sources have claimed Abedi was on the front line and was hospitalized fighting alongside jihadis in Ajdabiya, eastern Libya.

A security source downplayed claims that Abedi was involved in fighting. The source said he could have just been visiting his family.

The father was a prominent member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), a militant organization. Their goal was the violent overthrow of Gaddafi’s dictatorship. He planned to establish an Islamist state.


He came to the attention of authorities in 2014 and 2015 as a possible terrorist, but was exonerated.

Abedi attended Burnage Academy for Boys in Manchester between 2009 and 2011 before going to Manchester College until 2013. Two people who knew him from his college days claim they called an anti-terrorism hotline to warn police about his extremist views.

A community support worker told the BBC they had informed the authorities. This was after Abedi publicly said “he was supporting terrorism” and that “being a suicide bomber is OK”.

Salman quit Manchester College in 2013 with “anger management issues”. That was after he punched a girl for wearing a short skirt. He told the head teacher there were “a lot of things going on” with his family and “fighting in Libya”.

Friends said he was “slow and unintelligent”, a heavy cannabis user, and increasingly violent to women.

By the time he quit school, Salman was chanting in the streets and wearing Islamic robes. He had become fully radicalized at this point.

Salman used the taxpayers’ cash to help bankroll his terror plot. He travelled to and from Libya where he became increasingly battle hardened. Then on May 22 last year, he took his explosives-packed rucksack bearing a logo of the Union Flag and wrought terrible carnage on the country that gave his parents safe haven and rescued him from a war zone.

The British authorities are trying to extradite Hashem.

So glad the Brits rescued these two dirtbag ingrates.

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