Oh Brother! New US Army Allows Turbans, Beards, Hijabs


The New US Army Might Lose It’s Control of Discipline

A new US Army directive allows personnel to wear garb and hair in line with their religious beliefs. They still have to wear helmets and other military protective gear when it’s called for.

Sikh soldiers can maintain their beards and female soldiers can wear their hair in dreadlocks.

“The Army has reviewed its policies to ensure soldiers can serve in a manner consistent with their faith so that we can recruit from the broadest pool of America’s best,” Army Secretary Eric Fanning said in a statement.

“Over the last year, the Army conducted rigorous evaluation and validation of how commonly requested accommodations would impact force effectiveness,” Fanning said. “Our goal has always been to ensure soldier readiness and safety while providing reasonable accommodations for these established and recognized faith practices.”

West Point graduate and Bronze Star recipient Capt. Simratpal Singh sued the Defense Department in 2016.  He was allowed to wear the turban and beard while the case worked its way through the courts.

“Military experts have always questioned why the U.S. military has restricted Sikhs from serving,” said Eric Baxter, Senior Counsel at Becket Law, which acted as co-counsel on Captain Singh’s behalf. “Our Army will be stronger and our nation safer with Sikhs serving alongside their fellow Americans.”

Yarmulkes were allowed in 2009.

Should our Army have to accommodate all religious practices? Are we losing our identity? It will be unrecognizable if this continues.


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