Army Captain Assaulted in a Hate Crime in Albany



Yiqiang Wu assaulted an Army Captain after shouting derogatory comments at him because of his service to this country.

The incident cited here occurred in April of this year. An Army Captain, at the cashier in a store, was verbally and physically attacked by a man who hates our military. The video of the assault was just released by the police and can be seen below.

The reason I wanted to post the story is because people should know there are a lot of Yiqiang Wu’s roaming about our country. Every time I go undercover to one of the many far-left meetings or conferences being held in our country today, there is someone there ripping into our military.

Unless you’ve been around these people, it’s hard to imagine that seemingly average Americans could not appreciate the sacrifice and bravery of our fighting men and women, and worse than that, despise them for militarily protecting our freedoms.

Yiqiang isn’t an isolated case.

The victim, who was wearing his Army uniform, told officers that a man standing directly behind him in line began to yell derogatory statements towards him about the United States of America and his service to the country. The suspect then struck him several times in the face as he used defensive maneuvers only.

The victim sustained bruising to his face and a laceration over his eye. He was treated at the scene by Albany Fire Department personnel.

“It looks like he displayed a great deal of restraint which is consistent with the armed forces, law enforcement and public service. We are held at a higher standard and you have to commend him for being able to have that restraint,” said Officer Steve Smith of the Albany Police Department speaking to News 10.

The suspect, 47-year-old Yiqiang Wu, of Schenectady, was arrested at the scene and charged Assault 3rd-degree as a Hate Crime. He was arraigned in the Albany City Criminal Court.

Independent Sentinel does not know the disposition of the case.

Police say Wu is charged with a hate crime because of the nature of what he was yelling at the captain.

One article said that he was mentally ill. They always say that when the aggressor is a liberal or a foreigner. My guess is he’s one or the other or both.

Full story at free patriot


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