Army Sides With Vicious Pedophile Over Decorated Green Beret


Sgt Chas Martland

Obama’s Army has adopted the morals of the president. It’s an army where pedophile Afghans on U.S. bases are allowed to rape children and where soldiers are told to ignore it.

The soldiers hear the AFGHAN BOYS CRYING THROUGH THE NIGHT but they can’t rescue them (watch the video below). Obama’s army has told them to ignore it. This is happening on U.S. bases.

The Army is now trying to say that they don’t tell the soldiers to ignore violent pedophilia but that is a lie. If it weren’t true, Sgt. Martland wouldn’t have been discharged for intervening in a case of ongoing rape by an Afghan cop of a young boy on the base.

This is what our values are now. Obama always likes to tell us what our values are so here is an example. One has to wonder if this is contributing to the suicides by our soldiers. Imagine the nightmares you would have after this experience night after night.

Owning boys as sex slaves is a status symbol in Afghanistan. File Photo.

A decorated Green Beret, Sgt. Charles Martland, who has given 11 years to the service, has lost his appeal to remain in the service of his country because he shoved an Afghan police commander who raped a 12-year old boy repeatedly. When the mother reported it, the Afghani beat up his mother.

The Army not only allows Afghan leaders on US military bases to rape little children, they punish military who come to their aid.

“You can hear the cries of the little boys being raped at night,” the former team leader said. The Army has told the soldiers to ignore it.

Sgt. Charles Martland, 33, was serving in the Kunduz Province when he heard the reports. He confronted the Afghan cop, Abdul Rahman, with his team leader in early 2011.

When Rahman was confronted, he “laughed about it, and said it wasn’t a big deal,” according to Daniel Quinn, Martland’s team leader.

The pair shoved Rahman to the ground in an attempt to discourage him from further rapes.

Martland received the highest scores in evaluations, even since the incident.

Sgt. Martland is described by his men as the best of the best. He was awarded the Bronze Star.

Duncan Hunter

Congressman Duncan Hunter, pictured above, who wrote to Defense Secretary Ash Carter about the verdict, said, “It’s sad to think that a child rapist is put above one of our elite military operators.

He added, “Sergeant Martland was left with no other choice but to intervene in a bad situation. The Army should stand up for what’s right and should not side with a corrupt Afghan police officer.”

Nothing will happen to help Sgt. Martland. The Army is fully politicized thanks to our Socialist president. The Secretary of the Army is tight with the left.

The Afghan cops are regularly raping the boys and little girls.

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