Army Vet Slams Al Franken But Tears, Hugs From Democrats


Army veteran Stephanie Kemplin, who has accused Senator Al Franken (D-MN) of groping her and forcibly kissing her, slammed the lawmaker for suggesting she lied or misinterpreted the incident.

Kemplin said during an MSNBC interview Thursday that she did not necessarily feel that justice was served by Franken announcing his resignation.

“I have to say that I am so sad and appalled at his lack of response and him owning up to what he did,” Kemplin said. “I feel that he just keeps passing the buck and making it out to be… that we took his behavior the wrong way ,or we misconstrued something, or just flat-out lied about what happened to us.”

Franken didn’t actually resign yet, just said he will eventually, in “weeks”. There’s something very fishy about this entire thing. It’s definitely an anti-Trump set up.

Some on the hard-left saw Franken as the rising star and this is viewed as quite a comedown.

Nearly all of the Senate’s Democratic women — and most Democratic men, including the Senate’s top two Democrats — called for Franken to resign after a sixth woman came forward to charge that he had made an improper advance on her.

After Al Franken gave his speech Thursday, the Democrats – female democrats included – lined up to hug him as they cried. The women who allegedly said he had to go were sorrowful, crying, hugging him emotionally.

Vox reported:

The moments that followed Minnesota Sen. Al Franken’s resignation announcement, amid eight allegations of sexual harassment, were filled with sounds of mourning.

The slap of a comforting hand on his back. The rustle of a Well said handshake. The sniffle of a consolatory tear.

One by one, Democratic senators stood in line to give Franken a hug. Among them were several who had been part of a coordinated effort Wednesday to publicly call for his resignation — an effort that was ultimately successful. His staffers sat in a line wiping away tears…

…Yet many of those same Democratic senators who called for Franken’s resignation joined in what appeared to be a sympathetic and supportive goodbye after his announcement. Franken’s speech and the ensuing response was much more partisan than the initial calls for investigation or his resignation. Franken made the sudden deluge of serious sexual harassment allegations against him sound like a pointed hunt, with innocent civilian casualties — and the room appeared to believe him.

In the opening lines of his announcement, Franken said America is “finally beginning to listen to women about the ways in which men’s actions affect them.”

His final message: Just don’t believe all of them.

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