Arne Duncan Demands Gun Laws for Your Kids, Armed Security for His


Obama’s former education secretary Arne Duncan sends his children to school with armed security, but he is writing profusely about the need for more gun laws [to add to the ones we don’t abide by].

The doctrinaire pedantic sees the solution in a parent boycott. He wants parents nationwide to keep children out of school until Congress passes more gun laws. Unsurprisingly, he wants the boycott to focus on Republicans because they believe in the Second Amendment.

Duncan writes dogmatically in an article for the Chicago Tribune: “Predictably, the response from the gun industry is for more guns. “Harden” the schools they say, with more armed security guards, limited access to the schools, metal detectors and armed teachers. Some politicians have suggested reducing the number of doors, forgetting that multiple exits are needed in case of fire.”

Stop there!

You can agree that we need more laws but he’s condemning the hardening of schools when he sends his own children to a school with armed guards and high-level security.

Jewish World Review reports that Duncan’s children “attend the exclusive, private University of Chicago Laboratory Schools in tony Hyde Park, which a Lab Schools brochure brags is ‘patrolled by the University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD) and private security.’”

The school’s Annual Security and Fire Safety Report explains that students who wish can even get a police escort when walking, stating, “University students, faculty, or staff within the UCPD service area can request an escort at any time from the UCPD if they feel uncomfortable with their surroundings. Call the UCPD and give your location, and someone will be dispatched to accompany you as you walk.”

Duncan did not mention doing away with the gun-free zones. These keep teachers trapped in classrooms with no means to defend their own lives or the lives of their students.

This boycott idea came after the horrific shooting at Santa Fe High School. He wants so-called ‘assault rifles’ banned but the shooter did not use an assault rifle.

The close friend of and former bureaucrat for Barack Obama did not call for armed teachers or other armed personnel in schools. Instead, he only focused on gun control.

Therefore, we can say without doubt the elitist educrat wants the plebians to get the ineffective gun control laws. The patricians, such as himself, get the schools with armed security.


There is no question Duncan is one of the self-designated elite who will tell the rest of us what to do. You must remember when he attacked “white suburban moms” and their children who turned to homeschooling. They were protesting the top-down Common Core “standards”/testing/data-mining program. The arrogant paperpusher sneered as he looked down on them. He stereotyped them, painted them all with a broad brush. He found it “fascinating” that the grass-roots anti-Common Core revolt came from “white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were, and their school isn’t quite as good as they thought they were.”

His head is in the clouds and he is clueless as to his own hypocrisy and condescension.

In these times, all schools need to have armed security. Other considerations aside, hardening the schools is the quickest and most effective approach.


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Frank S.
Frank S.
5 years ago

Wasn’t Duncan buddy, buddy with the Obama’s “Promise Program” promoter, & Broward Schools Superintendent, Robert Runcie? You might remember Runcie as one of the chief’s in charge when all warnings about school shooter Cruz were ignored. He also lied about mass murderer Cruz’s connection with the Promise Program. Duncan and Runcie make the perfect, elitist, hypocritical pair.

Tim Shepperson
Tim Shepperson
5 years ago

Just another radical liberal elitist Marxist who want more government and higher taxes. This coming from the character who ruined the public school system.