As 20K in One Caravan Head North, Obama DHS Chief Says It’s a “Crisis”


Barack Obama’s former Homeland Security Chief Jeh Johnson admitted today that the border is in crisis. He said 1,000 in a day begins to overwhelm the system so he can’t imagine what 4,000 does.

He said, “So, we are truly in a crisis.”

Can we stop pretending there is no crisis at the border now? Will the media and the Democrats stop lying, please? While leftists like Adam Schiff talk, ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’, our country is being invaded. People encouraging this mass movement of poor and criminal people are communists in this country and in foreign lands.

Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said, “We have a dire situation at the border. Late last year, DHS apprehended or encountered 50-60k migrants a month. Last month, it was more than 75k, the highest in over a decade. This month, we are on track to interdict nearly 100,000 migrants. Congress must act to end this crisis!”

Won’t Democrats stop this now? They have enough future Democrat voters for their permanent electoral majority, don’t they?

There are six caravans on their way north, not counting the hundreds of individuals and small groups who pour in each day.

A mega caravan of 20,000 is on its way to the United States and will grow as it makes its way up north.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

They want to rule forever, this is their new family and for Chamber of Commerce low paid workers but for us crime, disease, rape and murder.

John Vieira
John Vieira
4 years ago

No border = NO COUNTRY….Have you figured out who the real traitors of your country are yet???