As Anti-Trump Forces Plot, There Is One Question We All Need to Ask



A New York Times article yesterday, “Republican Leaders Map Strategy to Derail Donald Trump.,” describes the lengths to which the anti-Trump Republicans are going to stop Trump. They have launched a 100-day campaign beginning with a battle in Wisconsin for delegates which will continue through the summer. They are going delegate-by-delegate to convince them Trump is a disastrous choice in the general election.

What is particularly ironic about this is their plan will guarantee a loss in the general election if the Times story is accurate.

Their plan guarantees the continuation and enshrinement of Obama’s Marxist policies in the US:

“Recognizing that Mr. Trump has seized a formidable advantage in the race, they say that an effort to block him would rely on an array of desperation measures, the political equivalent of guerrilla fighting. There is no longer room for error or delay, the anti-Trump forces say, and without a flawlessly executed plan of attack, he could well become unstoppable,” and that is unacceptable.

“But should that effort falter,” should they fail to stop Trump, and his army of supporters, should that falter, “leading conservatives are prepared to field an independent candidate in the general election, to defend Republican principles and offer traditional conservatives an alternative to Mr. Trump’s hard-edged populism. They described their plans in interviews after Mr. Trump’s victories last Tuesday in Florida and three other states.”

They will never let Ted Cruz have the nomination either because what they really care about is protecting their establishment, their party structure, and if it means a socialist Hillary win, they are fine with that. Nothing changes for them if she wins.

The mission has been allegedly launched by establishment guru, Bill Kristol:

William Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard, has circulated a memo to a small number of conservative allies detailing the process by which an independent candidate could get on general-election ballots across the country.

Among the recruits under discussion are Tom Coburn, a former Oklahoma senator who has told associates that he would be open to running, and Rick Perry, the former Texas governor who was suggested as a possible third-party candidate at a meeting of conservative activists on Thursday in Washington.

The Times says they are wooing delegates and plan to convince delegates and the public that the party wasn’t obligated to hand him a nomination he didn’t win on his own.

That certainly is what we’ve been told and Reince Priebus told Chris Wallace on Sunday that though it’s unlikely there is not a 100% guarantee the nominee will be one of the three remaining in the race.

As far as an independent run is concerned, early March was the deadline for a new candidate to get on the ballot of all 50 states but they still have time to get a candidate on the ballot in dozens of states or they could seek the nomination as a Libertarian candidate. Just considering this means they obviously don’t care about the election, they care about defeating Trump.

Eric Erickson is one of these plotters.

Rush Limbaugh discussed this on his show Monday and asked the question we all should be asking:

“Where was the GOP’s 100-day plan to take out Obama? Anybody remember that plan? Where’s the GOP’s 100 day-plan to take out Hillary Clinton? Anybody heard of that plan?” Limbuagh asked. “Now, that plan doesn’t exist, either, but they’ve got a 100-day plan to take out Trump.”

Where have they been while Obama was rampaging through our Constitution?

The answer for many of us is that Trump threatens their power structure but Obama and Clinton don’t. There are many reasons to be concerned about Trump’s candidacy but who doubts that some of what they are doing is because they fear losing their place in life?

All their dealings will bring Trump’s numbers up if history provides any evidence.

You can go to Zerohedge for information about another separate Stop Trump group. As Zerohedge says, Trump is a walking gaffe and gaffe-proof. Their negative ads and banter probably won’t do a thing.

Source: Rush Limbaugh Show

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