As Dems Push to Make PR a State, Gov Says He Wants to Punch Trump


Smirking Acosta, fake CNN journalist

There is a Democratic push to make Puerto Rico a state even if the Puerto Ricans don’t vote for it. They are trying to further legislation to do it. The reason is obvious. It’s the same reason they want to make D.C. a state. The Puerto Ricans and the people in D.C. will primarily vote Democrat.

After all the millions our taxpayers spent on Puerto Rico, we get to hear endless complaints from the Democrats, the Puerto Rican governor, and all their allies. More was spent on the three million people in Puerto Rico than in Texas or North Carolina or Florida.

This week, during an interview with CNN’s fake reporter, Jim Acosta, the Puerto Rican governor Ricardo Rosselló said he would “punch the bully [our President] in the mouth” if he gets close. Acosta sat and smiled and didn’t offer any pushback.

Apparently, not liking someone and thinking he’s a bully gives him the right to physically attack him.

If we make PR a state without their referendum okaying it, their FALN terrorists will be back blowing us up.

Remind me why we would want Puerto Rico as a state without a referendum?

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