As Many As 250,000 Cry For Help, Obama Drops a Few Bombs


O_1“Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”

~ John Stuart Mill


One of the greatest evils this earth has known, an evil equal to Adolf Hitler, is free to torture and kill innocents. The only power that could stop them – the United States – has withdrawn from the world stage. There is no one to intervene.

Mr. Obama’s idea of intervention was dropping two 500 pound bombs, launching one targeted drone, and pounding one mortar position to save the town of Erbil – only. There appears to be no military strategy and the weakness of our response shows it is nothing more than a political move to make Obama appear as if he is doing something while doing almost nothing.

For a week, the United States will fly food and water to the tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of Yazidis trapped on mountaintops. He has no visible plan to save them. They are on barren land in temperatures as high as 107 degrees.


Look at the tragic photo above via the Daily Mail. Yazidi Iraqis on Mount Sinjar carry the limp bodies of children as they flee their ISIS hunters. Some of the children are dead or too weak to continue.

Hours after the U.S. launched these inadequate air strikes, ISIS captured hundreds of Yazidi women in Mosul. ISIS calls them “slave” women to be given to young jihadists or sold as slaves. Many have been raped.

From the Daily Mail:

“We are being slaughtered,” Yazidi MP, Vian Dakhil, said: “Our entire religion is being wiped off the face of the earth.”

Another said: “We have nothing here except ground to sleep on, there is no food or water, people are hungry, people are crying for help.”

One Yazidi official, Mahma Khalil, put the number sheltering on the mountain, which the community considers the holy site where Noah’s ark settled after the biblical flood, as high as 250,000.

“Please save us! SOS! save us!” he pleaded, “Our people are in the desert. They are exposed to a genocide.”

In his speech yesterday, Obama repeated his mantra – Iraq is responsible for their own future. Even if they can’t save their own future apparently.

Mr. Obama made it clear that ISIS is free to do whatever they choose. We are the only power on earth able to end their reign of terror but we will do nothing. The British welcomed U.S. air strikes but will do nothing.

Most Americans appear to agree with Mr. Obama’s approach if one is to believe the polls.

An insipidly dull show with Kelly and Mike was interrupted during a silly discussion about Kate Upton in a bathrobe for late breaking news yesterday – Obama was finally doing something – bombing.  Viewers began to tweet their great displeasure over the interruption.

We no longer stand as a force for good on earth.

ISIS is now heading towards the Kurdish area once thought to be safe, but the Kurds cannot compete with the fire power of ISIS who have captured U.S. and Iraq advanced weaponry.

The Kurds have already suffered horrific genocide under Saddam Hussein. They are our natural allies and have always supported the United States. We are not going to help them. Obama will do the bare minimum.

ISIS is targeting Christians and other minorities. They are beheading children and putting their heads on sticks and leaving them on display. They are raping and murdering the wives, and fathers are being hung, one commentator said on CNN.

Listen to this CNN video.


Our weak, feckless president is authorizing absurdly inadequate air strikes against a barbaric and ruthless enemy that plans to attack U.S. interests after they are done enslaving and killing anyone who disagrees with them.

ISIS has seized control over huge swaths of land in Syria and Iraq. They have stepped into Lebanon, a country they plan to attack along with Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Libya. By 2018 or 2020, they plan to conquer Spain.

There are only 10,000 of them. They could have been defeated.

Of their numbers, one-third hold Western passports and are being trained to come back to the U.S. and Europe and kill us.

ISIS has slaughtered hundreds of thousands. There are over 200,000 dead in Syria.

Obama could have ended their progress on the Iraq-Syria border when they were unable to use human shields. ISIS is now a full-fledged army.

Mr. Obama is responding like a second rate leader of a third world country. He will influence no one, dissuade no one, and stop nothing.

Mr. Obama partied with murderous dictators in the White House this past week. The White House is closed to average Americans but not to bloodthirsty power mongers from foreign lands apparently.

Obama has treated our friends like enemies and he has continuously apologized to our enemies. He allows people to flow through our borders unimpeded and we don’t know who these people are.

Obama is cooperating with evil at every turn and we, the American people, are doing nothing about it.

The United States now watches as terror and hellish evil destroy their fellow man throughout the Middle East and Africa, and, one day, they will come for us.

Barack Obama who claims to be uninterested in photo-ops, posed for photo-ops over the last few days. Given his weak response to the incredible threat posed by ISIS, these photos via the Daily Mail are a bad joke. He’s an absolute fool. The left and right in this country better stop fighting each other and band together because we have a president who is destroying the country and beyond.