As Mayor, John Fetterman Vandalized the Sign of a Black Business


The malevolent Lurch, who is running for Senator in Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, once chased down a young black jogger, as we all know by now. But did you also know he tried to shut down a black nightclub and vandalized their sign?

Video showed Fetterman changing the sign from saying, “Opening Soon Under New Management” to “Closed Not Opening Soon.”

The 2010 Incident:

A mayor in one Pennsylvania community has been caught red-handed in one the biggest sign-scandals to hit the area in recent memory.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Braddock Mayor John Fetterman was caught on videotape altering a business’ marquee letter sign to post a different message. At a recent borough council meeting, attendees were shown a video of Fetterman changing Club 804’s sign from “Opening Soon Under New Management” to “Closed Not Opening Soon.”

The current owner of the club, Assim Chaudhry, said that the mayor’s behavior was unacceptable and that residents should be appalled by it.

“This is the mayor. This is who you guys have running this town,” said Mr. Chaudhry during the meeting, according to the news source.

It’s pretty pathetic. If he thought the club should be closed, there are legal channels for that. Just what we want, someone who takes the Constitution into his own hands.

Club 804 changed its name to Club Elegance. As an epilogue to this story, John Fetterman’s crusade against the black own business opening in his hometown did not succeed. Club Elegance is still open today. DJ Coles played there last week, and there was a food truck outside.

Fetterman’s vandalism:

The Washington Free Beacon reported that Fetterman courted the violent Crips gang to become mayor of Braddock. The city is more than 80% black.

Fetterman also has a history of promoting monitored drug injection sites and drug decriminalization. “I think it’s important that we as a society get in front of it,” Fetterman said of the drug crisis in a 2018 podcast interview with Aaron Watson. “I think it’s important that we as a society have all the options on the table — including needle exchange, which is only technically legal in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh — and even safe injection sites that are being considered.”

He’s also incoherent due to a stroke. Soon, he might be a Senator because so much damage was unfairly done to Dr. Oz’s reputation during the primary. Dr. Oz is an America First candidate.

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