As Nike Launches Hate America/Police Campaign, Police Officer Shot in Head


As Nike launched its hate America and police campaign ad featuring the hapless kid Colin Kaepernick, a Georgia police officer was shot in the head after answering a call.

Officer Matt Cooper is listed in serious condition after being shot in the head. He is an Army Veteran who worked for the police department for six years. He is 34 years old and the father of two small children.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation said one suspect, 21-year-old Aaron Demonta Fleming, is dead. Two others were taken into custody. One other escaped.

The officers were responding to a shoplifting call.

This is who Nike and Kaepernick are protesting — people who risk their lives to serve and protect.

As Tucker says in this clip, the Nike-Kaepernick protest is far bigger than this hapless kid. It’s a sinister movement and we should all be very concerned. It is an attack on our nation and our society.

When the wealthiest and the smartest among us hate the society that made them rich, we should worry, Tucker said.

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