As the USA Rushes Towards Socialism, A Formerly Socialist Nation Rejects It



Peru is signaling a real shift away from socialism, much as we are seeing in Europe and other Latin American countries. This is at the same time the US rushes towards Socialism.

Peru’s voters are currently choosing between two center-right candidates for president – no leftists.

Hooray for them!

The candidates are both offering pro-market economic agendas.

For the first time in 16 years, Peru’s runoff ballot will offer no leftist candidate.

Leftist leaders either have been ousted or have been struggling to hold on to power in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Venezuela in the past year.

If only we could get rid of our leftists – there are so many of them and they multiply. They’ve taken over our major cities, they hold high office, they are in our colleges, media, arts. Their insidious ideology cannot coexist with freedom and our Constitution.

Peru is making progress as we go backwards.

“It’s part of the larger picture of trying to consolidate democratic procedures and practice of democratic procedures in a region where they have never been consolidated — with one or two exceptions,” said David Scott Palmer, a Peru analyst who teaches at Boston University. “Whoever wins, this will be the longest single period in Peruvian history of civilian-elected governments.”

Why would they ever abandon socialism. Look at what it has done for Venezuela.

Venezuela’s Guri dam is so empty it caused the country to give public workers a “five day weekend” as it can’t generate enough electricity to keep the country running and it has finally run dry. Check out what Venezuelans are drinking – the orange much is what comes out of their taps.


The people have to wait for 7 hours in line just to get access to food if they get it at all or they simply storm supermarkets looking for scraps.

Venezuela is collapsing but the left won’t admit the reasons why – price controls, statist corruption, mismanagement. Big Government produces disastrous results.

Big Government, more of the corruption we already have, is what both Bernie and Clinton want for the US.


h/t Rosalie Hanson

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John Smith
John Smith
6 years ago

Socialism is a proven failure, thankfully, the people of Peru are waking up. Venezuela had a viable economy and they voted themselves into a living hell because people are stupid.

Tempus Fugit
Tempus Fugit
6 years ago
Reply to  John Smith

But hey…, it only fails 100% of the time and our democrats embrace it with the belief that socialism fails because they haven’t found the right leadership yet. That defines the left….