Asia Ford’s Very Heartwarming Story


Lt. Aubrey and Asia Ford and son

Asia Ford is my new hero. She should serve as inspiration to others who are dealing with challenges. Asia, her son and the police officer who helped her are the people we need to hear more about.

Asia Ford lost 200 pounds with the encouragement of her sons. That alone is an amazing feat. To celebrate, she decided to run a 10K race. She had just gotten over pneumonia and forgot to eat breakfast.

About 4 miles in, she fell into last place. A police officer had EMS check her out but she was determined to continue, holding her son’s hand.

About a mile later, she was struggling and appeared unable to finish. That’s when Lt. Aubrey went over to her, took her hand and told her they’d finish the race together – the three of them.

Lt. Aubrey talked to them the rest of the way, distracting Ms. Ford from the pain she had to endure to make it that last mile.

Lt. Aubrey called ahead to the finish line to tell them not to close up shop – they were coming.

Not only did Ms. Ford have incredible determination and fortitude to lose the weight and courage to finish the race but her sons must be very nice boys.

Asia Ford called Lt. Aubrey her “angel” for his help in getting her to the finish line. She said, “God sent her an angel.” It should be lost on no one that Lt. Aubrey is a white police officer.

Both Ms. Ford and Lt. Aubrey were interviewed on Fox & Friends this morning.


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