Ask George Soros or Penny Pritzker Where Edward Snowden Is


Soros jailed

There is a really excellent piece in Accuracy in the Media and they have done their research. The article draws the connections between Edward Snowden and Leftists like George Soros, Wikileaks, and the Pritzker family (Penny Pritzker has been nominated by Obama to head up the Commerce Department). The only question I have is when are they going to arrest some of Snowden’s aiders and abettors like George Soros. Maybe they should just ask Penny where Snowden is right now.

Accuracy in the Media or AIM, says that Glenn Greenwald, Snowden’s media leaker, is a board member of the Foundation of the Press Foundation which is funded by the San Francisco-based Foundation for National Progress. The Foundation for National Progress is backed by prominent far-lefters, especially George Soros and his Open Society foundation. A director of the foundation is Hyatt heiress Susan Pritzker, sister to Penny.

The Foundation for National Progress backs Mother Jones who gave an award to spy I.F. Stone and also to US-hater Greenwald as a matter of fact. These are the people they love and admire.

The Foundation also funnels money to Wikileaks and Julian Assange – another wanted traitor. The Foundation for National Progress managed to get their 501(c)(3) approval and no one is targeting them, even now. Osama was a fan of Wiki and was found with Wiki papers upon his death. Wiki you will remember posted the stolen papers of traitor Bradley Manning.

Read the full story at It’s worth the time.

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