Assad Gives Another Interview Described as The Banality of Evil – Update


Nancy with Bashar

Nancy Pelosi with Bashar al-Assad during an unauthorized visit to Syria. He charmed her at the time.


Update: 9/19/13: LA Times reports that Assad will miss his first deadline and will not hand in the inventory of chemicals. The State Department will allow him to miss the deadline. Last week, it was reported that Assad’s weapons were being moved to secret locations in the desert to as many as 50 areas.


Bashar al-Assad granted an interview to Dennis Kucinich which was aired last evening on Special Report with Bret Baier.

Mr. Kucinich asked for the interview but Mr. Assad said he would only do it if a Fox News reporter also sat through the interview. Former Democratic Senator Kucinich is a Fox News contributor. Despite being very liberal, Senator Kucinich chose Fox because he said they always allow him to say whatever he wants whereas the other stations subtly limit his free speech.

Kerry Assad

John Kerry and Mrs. Kerry dining with Bashar al-Assad and his wife

Mr. Assad was his usual charming, well-spoken, dictator self during the interview. He claims he will turn over the chemical weapons through the UN as the international body in charge.

We’ll see! Saddam said the same thing and delayed for nine years.

Assad says he did not launch the chemical weapons on his own people despite ‘overwhelming evidence’, as the UN described it; he did not kill any of his people though over 110,000 are dead; and he declared that 80% to 90% of the rebels are jihadists.

Insofar as we know, the worst percentage of jihadists in the rebel forces is 50% with most analysts estimating between 25% and 40%. That is still terrible, obviously.

That being said, what if he didn’t launch the chemical weapons? The UN did not say definitively. They said in all likelihood.

The following video contains highlights of the long interview:

Charles Krauthammer, James Rosen, and Stephen Hayes give their take on the murderous dictator with James Rosen describing it as The Banality of Evil – a frightening concept.

Mr. Baier should be commended, he did the segment despite the fact that his son is having heart surgery today. Mr. Baier is dedicated to getting the truth out and his show is well worth watching.


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