Assad Forces Are Said to Have Built a Crematorium to Hide Mass Killings


The U.S. government has released evidence that Assad’s forces built a crematorium in Sednaya military prison north of Damascus to hide the mass killings, Reuters has reported.

The prisoners are being hung, about fifty a day, and then cremated to hide the slaughter.

The prison is nicknamed the slaughterhouse.

Assad abducted and detained 65,000 and 117,000 people between 2011-2015 and authorities fear how many could be buried in these graves.

Acting assistant Secretary for Middle Eastern Affairs Stuart Jones briefed reporters Monday.

The findings are part of declassified information available to the intelligence community and humanitarian organizations. An Assad former regime photo documentarian working under the name “Ceaser” shared more than 10,000 photos of Assad’s victims with the international community, Jones said.

The executions were carried out “seemingly with the unconditional support of Russia and Iran”, Jones said adding that the U.S. does not believe Russia or Iran are involved with the crematorium.

The evidence will be given to Russia in an attempt to get them to back off their support for Assad.

That is only one of their prisons.


  1. I’m not falling for this stuff.
    It’s hard to believe anything from Reuters or the State Department. In recent years, that department was run by a major criminal. I recall in the 90s all of the stories about hundreds of thousands of mass graves in Yugoslavia. Clinton invaded and blew apart the country, using the horror stories as a reason. The mass graves were not found. Many died from Clinton’s war. He carpet bombed some areas. He did not obtain congressional approval.
    The war mongers would love us to repeat the mistake we made in Yugoslavia.

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