On Assange Interview, Hannity Says “I Believe Every Word He Says”


On America’s Newsroom this morning Bill Hemmer questioned Sean Hannity about his recent interview with Julian Assange. The interview described by Hannity is fascinating.

Hannity Believes “Every Word He Said”

When asked by Hemmer if he believes Assange because people like former Ambassador Bolton don’t, Sean said he had the utmost respect for John Bolton but he believes every word Assange said.

Assange said the Russians are not behind the email leaks.

At least six times, Julian Assange of Wikileaks has said his source for the leaked emails is not the Russian government. The media, however, will not report that or take Assange seriously.

The media will, however, believe Ben Rhodes who laughingly told the public he lied to us about Iran and we fell for it. They will believe Dr. Gruber who said he lied about Obamacare. Let’s not forget how they take Obama’s word for it though he is the one who said we could keep our doctor, there wasn’t a smidgeon of corruption at the IRS, and Benghazi was over a video.

There is no evidence Julian Assange is a liar.

Obama Is Acting Like a Lawyer

Assange was asked if President Obama was telling the truth and he stated the obvious about the sly president. “He’s acting like a lawyer, if you look at most of his statements” Assange responded. “…he doesn’t say Wikileaks obtained its information from Russia worked with Russia…you will also note he doesn’t say Russia was trying to influence the election for Donald Trump.”

Sean concluded that “The narrative following the election is absolutely, positively false… he [Assange] is man who knows our US Constitution. His knowledge of American politics is at a level that most Constitutional scholars would admire.”

Sean Hannity’s interview with Julian Assange will be aired on the Hannity show this evening.

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