Assange Might Have Been Expelled Over a Lobster Photo


The President of Ecuador took away Julian Assange’s asylum status after he accused Assange of stealing embarrassing photos from his phone. Particularly humiliating were the lobster photos.

In February, more than 200 private emails and text messages belonging to Mr Moreno and his wife, as well as pictures of the family on lavish holidays in Europe, were leaked to a site called, The Daily Mail reported.

The most embarrassing ones were of Lenin Moreno eating lobster in bed. It was a PR nightmare and the uproar was intense.

The secrets came directly from the phones of President Lenín Moreno: intimate pictures of him and his family on vacation, text messages from his wife, including the photograph of the president himself in a posh bedroom, eating a lobster in bed.

Assange has denied it and said he does not have the right to hack private phones.

Assange is reported to have had other bad habits. After Assange was arrested, he was accused of smearing walls with excrement and blocking a toilet with soiled underwear.

He now faces justice the United States or Sweden if they revive the sexual assault charges they once leveled against him. The British Home Secretary wants to send him to wherever he will get punitive justice.

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