Assange’s Amazing Interview


Since the Sentinel exists to post information the mainstream won’t, we have some information on the Hannity interview with Julian Assange this evening. You won’t hear much about this beyond Hannity. The mainstream only wants to report that Russians hacked the Clinton emails.

Trump’s Russia Briefing Was Delayed – “Very Strange”

As an aside, we must mention that Donald Trump’s briefing on the Russian hacking has been delayed. Trump responded, saying, it’s ‘very strange’ that his ‘intelligence’ briefing on ‘so-called’ Russian hacking delayed.

Donald Trump continues to be skeptical obviously.

Assange Has More Credibility Than the White House

Assange said this evening that the emails were not “hacked”, they were “leaked”. The source he said is “not the Russian government or a state party.”

Assange agrees that this accusation is meant to delegitimize the Trump administration.

Assange told Hannity that Obama is “acting like a lawyer” when he talks about the alleged Russian hacking. In other words, he means Obama uses weasel words to skirt the truth. That would make Obama the exact opposite of Assange who is very precise and forthcoming.  Obama always uses shifty language.

“He’s acting like a lawyer, if you look at most of his statements” Assange responded. “…he doesn’t say Wikileaks obtained its information from Russia, worked with Russia…you will also note he doesn’t say Russia was trying to influence the election for Donald Trump.”

“We are proud that there’s not a single instance of anyone coming to physical harm as a result of our publications”, Assange said.

About the US media, he said, “It’s very dishonest.” We can all agree on that.

“Even Obama has had to admit that there has been no hacking of U.S. vote counting machines,” Assange said at one point.

Assange gave out more information about his source than he wanted to give but he felt he had to because of what the administration and media were trying to do. “There was a serious attempt to distract from the content of our publications with this Russian narrative”.

About Clinton’s emails he said,“She made almost no attempt to keep them secure from states.”

Assange said he never got a report wrong and he has never revealed a source.

Personally, this has taken its toll. He has three young children under ten years. “I know what I’m doing. I’m prepared to wear the consequences…but my family’s innocent in that equation,” he said.

Full Interview:

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