‘At least 7th rape’ by person here illegally in Montgomery County alone


Another day, another Montgomery County child rapist. Montgomery County is a sanctuary county, meaning they protect their criminal aliens here illegally from deportation. They don’t recognize ICE at all. There is a price to be paid, but not by the well-protected politicians.

This is at least the seventh illegal alien arrested in Montgomery County, Maryland on rape and sex abuse charges [of a child in most cases] since July 25th. This monster, 37-year-old Emilio Carrasco-Hernandez raped a 15-year old in the home they shared.

He raped her in her grandmother’s bedroom.

Carrasco-Hernandez is being called a Hyattsville man but he’s a foreign national from Honduras who doesn’t belong here. He’s a Honduran man.

She explained to police that her stepfather, Carrasco-Hernandez, a dishwasher, had sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions between August 16 and August 25 of this year.

The victim reported having trouble using the bathroom afterward because it was “very painful” and “stinging.”  The pervert would also kiss her all over.

The child’s low-life mother said she believed the sex was “consensual” and she blamed the alcohol. Give me a break. Her mother’s a moron.

According to ICE, Carrasco-Hernandez is a Honduran national living in the U.S. illegally. In April 2017, a federal immigration judge deported the then 35-year-old. He later illegally re-entered the U.S. on an unknown date and by unknown means.

“Depending on an alien’s criminality, an alien who re-enters the United States after having been previously deported commits a felony punishable by up to 20 years in federal prison, if convicted,” an ICE official told ABC7 by email Friday.

Hernandez is currently facing 56 years in prison for the rapes and 20 years for his second re-entry. Will he even serve two? When he gets out, will he end up back in Montgomery County since they don’t cooperate with ICE?

Here’s another one [How many child rapes are acceptable to Montgomery County? All of them it seems]:

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