Atheist Appointed Head Chaplain of NHS, Will Lead Priests, Nun, Buddhist


Britain has lost their collective minds. They appointed an atheist as a head chaplain for Britain’s National Health Service.

Lindsay van Dijk, 28, an atheist — a Harvard Humanist — will be in charge of three Christian priests and a team of 24 volunteers, including a Catholic nun, a Buddhist and a Bahá’í, at the Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS trust. This has never happened before in the health service, probably because it’s ridiculous.

The move is based on a survey which shows half of the patients have no belief in God or religion so there is a demand for the atheist.

Changing Definitions to Suit the Culture War

A chaplain is defined by Merriam-Webster as 1. an ecclesiastic attached to the chapel of a royal court, college, etc., or to a military unit. 2. A person who says the prayer, invocation, etc., for an organization or at an assembly.

An atheist is defined by Merriam-Webster as a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings.

Nothing against atheists but in no way should they be in charge of priests, nuns, Buddhists. It’s a direct slap at Christianity in the U.K. This is how it is done unless there is an agenda.

If she were going to work alongside them, then that’s what she should be doing, not leading them. Lauded the Move

This is how the Humanists of the UK defined their agenda-drive views as they praised the appointment:

Humanists UK works for an end to irrelevant religious discrimination in publicly funded posts such as general pastoral support jobs in hospitals and elsewhere, which are often unfairly reserved only for religious people or people of certain religions, and for equal treatment of the non-religious according to need in the limited number of settings where belief-specific services are legitimately provided, including hospitals. Its research shows that the term ‘chaplain’ is generally understood to be one that exclusively applies to Christians, and this can be a barrier to non-religious people in accessing non-religious pastoral support. For this reason, it uses the more descriptive terms ‘pastoral support’ and ‘pastoral care’ to describe its work.

At Humanists UK, we advance free thinking and promote humanism to create a tolerant society where rational thinking and kindness prevail. Our work brings non-religious people together to develop their own views, helping people be happier and more fulfilled in the one life we have. Through our ceremonies, education services, and campaigning work, we’re committed to creating a fair and equal society for all.

This Is What the Humanist Herself Says

It’s obvious why she is there from what she has said. She will keep them from proselytizing in any way and likely doesn’t want Christianity to spread. The priests will not be able to mention their religion. In fact, there is a good chance, God will be erased.

“I am delighted to have been appointed as lead chaplain and look forward to working with our multi-faith and belief team. Together, I know we can ensure people are able to receive the spiritual, pastoral and religious care that is right for them. We want patients, their families, and staff across the Trust to know they can come to us for support in their time of need, irrespective of faith or non-religious beliefs.”

She added, “Anyone within the chaplaincy team goes to patients to lend a listening ear, to provide spiritual and emotional support, and doesn’t specifically say ‘I’m from this faith’ as it’s not important. We’re not there to proselytize our own beliefs.”

Patients will still be able to request a prayer or religious ritual in their faith.

It’s Not the Way It Works But It Will Now

This isn’t what a chaplain is or does. This is a complete redefinition of the word, “chaplain”. It is more of the PC and Marxist culture war.

The trust’s chief nurse, Carolyn Morrice, said that Ms. Van Dijk was chosen for her leadership skills. She added that patients had asked for more “emotional and spiritual support” that was not necessarily linked to a faith. She said they aren’t necessarily looking for religious support. They want support when they are vulnerable.

Then why can’t the atheist work on a par with the religious chaplains? She’s not a chaplain.

It won’t be easy if the priests can’t refer to their religion which is the basis for their strength in times of strife.

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