Atheists Want Godless Military Chaplains


Atheist monument Photo of the new Atheist monument

The extremists in the atheist movement want atheist military chaplains. This is part of their ongoing effort to marginalize religion.

Advocates for atheism have been doing their best to eliminate Christian chaplains and prayer from the military. Now they want to introduce their anti-god, non-religion into the military.

It will come to a head over the next several weeks in Congress.

Fox News has the story.

This reminds me of a joke.

There was a devoted atheist hunting in the woods one day when he came upon a hungry bear. As the bear stood over him and was prepared to tear at him with his paw, the atheist got down on his knees and cried, “Oh, my God!”

From behind a burning bush, the Lord appeared.

God said, “I heard you call out for help, but after denying me all your life, you don’t really want to relinquish your principles and become a Christian, do you?”

The atheist thought about it for a minute and said, “No, I don’t, but there is one thing you could do. You could make the bear a Christian.”

The Lord agreed and disappeared.

The bear suddenly got down on his knees, folded his paws in prayer, and said, “I thank you God for this meal I am about to receive.”


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